Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Uploading, but not.

Sometimes I think I am just a little dense.  I created this page for Sahlin Studio's Template Challenge.  I was inspired right away with her template.  The problem is I just cannot figure out how to upload my page onto the LilyPad site!  I guess I will have to stop
and pullover for directions.

I used Sahlin Studio's August Challenge Template and her Sweet Storytelling Collection.  This photo just jumped into the template, sweet.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Our visit to the Blanton Art Museum
Another item checked off my Summer Bucket List, I am following The Happy Family Movement, Summer Bucket List on Facebook.

1.  Get to a museum or two.  Yesterday we got to the Blanton Art Museum (I don't think the boys were very into it) on the UT Campus, which was new to us.

My oldest son, turning 9 in September 2013.
My oldest child, she is turning 11 next week.
2. Take updated head shots of my kiddos & a little journal word to go with. 
My baby, who will be turning 5 in September 2013.

Now I just need to get a few photos of the whole family.  I do not think we have any of the five of us at all.  I love how the individual pages came out with each child highlighted.  I have stopped fretting about getting things documented and started enjoying the process.  Realisticly, I take WAY too many photos to make a page for every event.  I will just stick with the ones that inspire me. 

Hope you enjoy.